Linda Baker

Linda Baker: Fearless Watercolor: Layering and Color


Video Length: 1 Hour
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Master foundation skills and fun, easy techniques in Linda Baker's beginner-friendly art video workshop. 

You'll layer fresh, glowing watercolors as you create a one-of-a-kind nature scene.

Baker uses masking, an easy technique that lets you stop worrying about mistakes. Once your masking fluid is in place, you can play with bright pigments and flowing paint with no fear of damaging your composition. The forgiving subject matter in this demonstration is perfect for painters new to watercolor or artists who are still developing their drawing skills. Linda Baker introduces you to her favorite tools and materials and offers practical design advice as she paints with broad, loose brush strokes. You add life to your tree line with simple texturing methods involving scratching, salt, and spattering. Baker works on three paintings in different states of completion to show you whats possible with her versatile process. With her masking methods and experimental approach to color, no two paintings will ever turn out the same.


Linda Baker takes us thru her process using 3 different paintings at various stages of finish:

1) In the first she shows us drawing, masking the trees, and how to use wet washes, texture, mingling color and more in the background.

2) In the second we see a similar method was applied to another painting using different colors. Here she shows us how to remove the mask, and how to paint and texture the trees.

3) In the third she shows us another painting in more of a finished stage, with different, earthier colors. Here she shows some negative painting techniques to transition edges and add depth and harmony in the background.


Extra Clip: Finishing with Darks


Enjoy a two-part interview with Linda Baker



Customer Reviews

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Cat Braunwell

I just found out about this artist and I am blown away. Absolutely love the style but not sure if I could achieve it or not. I am not a beginner artist but this is so incredibly unique. I would love to have a lesson one on one with her. Fantastic.

Maureen Asper
wonderful lesson on fast flowing watercolor

I really enjoyed this video. Linda is a very careful instructor, reviewing her materials and how-tos on using them without boring us to death. She also explains the reasons why she does something and is able to show the results in her painting. I very much appreciated her ditty on masking fluid. So many times I see artists using different masking fluids, but no one has been able to articulate why that was chosen or even how to keep it fresh. I learned so many tips and pearls from this video. I am not one to labor for days over one piece, so I appreciated her spontaneous painting with the spectacular results. Thanks Linda!!