Everything you all do is totally top of the line. I have such deep gratitude to you all for making exceptional art training available for so many artists all around the world.

Mary Anne, New Zealand


As a caregiver I don't have the option to travel to various workshops. These videos bring them to me. I would tell anyone that it will benefit you no matter what your skill level is… that each time you watch, you pick up new gems of information from a master painter.
The instruction is informal and relaxed. It feels like a privilege to be able to look over their shoulders and watch their processes. When I'm stuck on a painting, watching a video often inspires a solution.
For a long time, I felt like I'd reach a plateau and didn't know how to push through… until I started watching these courses. I love to treat myself to a new one every so often. Thanks so much for your time. You're doing wonderful work!
Anne - New Brunswick, Canada


The quality and instruction of the videos I have explored are phenomenal

Karl - Colts Neck, NJ 


By watching your videos, my friends tell me my painting has taken a quantum leap.

Sally - Venice, FL


Yesterday I was watching Eric Koeppel’s demonstration on glazing on my phone. I do a lot of glazing and I got a lot of good information from him. From the very beginning my inspiration has come from Vermeer and the Dutch Golden age masters. I also was introduced to the Hudson River school. I have gained so much from of the videos I have bought, but Eric Koeppel and Joseph McGurl are more in line with what I am trying to do. The same can be said for Eric Johnson and Virgil Elliot. One more thing about the videos, the value of the high-speed version. Once I have watched a video, what I most often go back to is the high-speed version. It encapsulates all the information

so well. 

Rob - Nashville, TN


I look forward to these every day and get something out of every episode.  It has been a real encouragement and learning opportunity. 

Laureen - Freeland, Washington


I love all the videos. They are first rate. I think the first ones I bought several years ago were the Illumination teaching series by Johnnie Liliedahl. I learned so much from them. She was a wonderful teacher. I have many of the videos by now and a real treat are the interviews Eric does at the end of them. Don Demers interview was particularly inspiring and Ken Auster was very interesting. They are all fascinating.

Carol Riddle - Allentown, PA


May I take this opportunity to express my deep thanks and appreciation for the really wonderful range of educational/instructional art DVDs you have. I now have quite a few of them and am constantly reviewing your range of products for the next title that will advance my skills. I live in the (really, really, really) small country of Northern Ireland, where the opportunities to obtain expert technical art tuition are virtually non-existent - correction, actually non-existent and where engaging in "taking workshops" as artists like Bill Davidson, Kathryn Stats and others routinely talk about, is unheard of. This is where your brilliant DVD library comes into its own for people like me. How I envy the opportunities you folk in US have to develop as artists.

James Richardson - Armagh, UK


I am so glad I took the leap and trusted online buying all the oil video’s I have purchased have been amazing and have learned so much so important thing I have learned is patience, building slowing standing back.

Pauline - Medowie house, Australia


Hi integrity, high skills.... right at your fingertips, PROFESSIONALY executed and followed up!!!!

Bill Lauterbach - Scottsdale, AZ


Hi quality videos. Reasonable pricing. Great artists. What’s not to like?

Jan Cosse


Professional tuition, which normally costs $$$$. Thank you, Eric, for your generosity in compiling this in these difficult times.

Francetta Bridle - Sidford, UK


I have learned and been reminded of strategies that work. I have been inspired to get back into my studio and finish some pieces; and look forward to trying portrait art next. I'm so tempted to go back to oil paints, hmmm. Thank you for this media.

Faith Dahl - Langley, BC


I have enjoyed all of the videos and have learned lots. Tints, shades, values, chroma, warm, and cool. Have yet to get the last two consistent.

Nadene Kranz


Good artists and well-made videos.

Louise Sliman  


So helpful when you are home bound—have not watched any that I have not learned a lot!!

Mary Leupold Robinson 


Love the information that the artist shared to better your work.... always learning is how you grow

Christine Spencer


Provides helpful aid through the videos to increase creativity and knowledge.

Denise Tracey


All first-class artists and such a variety. I have created a wonderful library of Streamline videos to keep me painting for a long time.

Janet Hardie - Modesto, CA


I love being able to go back and see a technique or concept. The videos I have from Streamline have extremely well-qualified instructors who are able to make complex concepts accessible to the viewer. I have honestly seen my paintings improve.

Leisa Luis-Grill - Rochester, MN


Quality instruction by top-notch artists!

Richard Balash - Pflugerville, TX


I'm a self-taught painter and have at least 5 Streamline Video lessons. They have helped me improve my paintings.

Mel Torres - Mesa, AZ


Very high standards with content for all levels of artists.

Ken Davy - Carrizozo, NM


Cool art processes, ideas and techniques brought to one’s home screen....by talented artists.

Michael Cole - Edmond, OK


Excellent way to improve your own work and expand your vision.

Susan Hoffman - Port Charotte, FL


Such talented artists sharing so much art knowledge. Very specific, special techniques & more! Learn so much!

Carol Smith


Streamline art video is very helpful in guiding my hand at my paintings with professional pointers and beautiful subjects.

Kristin Aardema Faigh


The most professional art videos with artists that share their knowledge of their mediums with you. The videos have brilliant color and done with the ability to see each brush stroke. The interview with the artist gives you insight about their quest to get to the level of art they now possess.

Anita Price Jakob


I own four of your videos. Prime quality, content and visual understanding. I have gained so much, and have been able to apply what I’ve learned in my medium painting my equestrian art! So thank you to all instructors who share their beautiful talents!

Debbie Pounders - Jacksonville, FL


Extremely well-done videos with interesting interviews.

Richard Rager - Boynton Beach, FL


Quality instruction at a reasonable price.

Keith Whitwell


The best art instruction videos featuring top notch artists. The DVDs are a workshop in video that I can refer to over and over.

Dennis Marshall


Very good quality artists, teachers and a great selection of different styles.

Audy Meadowthistle Davison


 Fantastic videos, good content.

Andrea Hoffus


I've ordered many videos from Streamline. They are the best quality productions and highest quality instruction of any art videos I have ever seen. Worth every penny!

Duane Langston - Goodyear, AZ


I have purchased 10 videos, so far, and have been very pleased with the ones I have watched...some more than others.

What I find most helpful is the ability to pause and rewind as needed. Attending workshops is great, when there is the opportunity, but to be able to watch and paint along with some of these masters is invaluable, to me.

Sally Decheine - Menands, NY


I have bought 4 videos thus far and they are a great value and quality. Plan to buy at least 3 more.

Sue Furrow - Salem, VA


I am learning so much and I so appreciate the quality and expertise of the featured artists. Very inspiring. I'm painting more than ever now. Thank you!

Judith Minter- Afton, VA


Love all the videos I have ordered. Each instructor has presented methods and new materials clearly. It's helpful no matter how long you have been a professional painter you can reach new levels by viewing videos to encourage to keep painting.

Constance Lynn Paul


Quality instructional/demonstration videos. Good production values, and they are thorough. Some other decent videos are comparably priced and are 90 minutes in length. Check out the depth of Streamline's videos. I have a number of them, purchased slowly over the years...

Ceci Lam - New Westminster, BC


Great content, artists sharing their authentic skills and voices, fabulous people.

Liesel Lund 


I have learnt so much through these videos. They are very instructive and cover many aspects of painting. A similar effort in acrylic and watercolor would be welcome.

Archna Sahai


Excellent training videos from amazing artists that share so generously.

Sandra Sue Johnson


Wonderful content! Artists from all over the world to learn from!

Linda Barley