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Amit Kapoor: COMPOSITION for Watercolor


Video Length: 3 Hours 34 Minutes
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Discover Amit Kapoor’s Breakthrough Watercolor Method for Painting Busy, Detailed Scenes — The Easy Way!

Master artist reveals simple techniques to easily tackle intimidating scenes to create jaw-dropping artwork in just 3 hours!

What you’re about to discover in Composition for Watercolor is a lifetime of lessons that have earned world-renowned artist Amit Kapoor over 50 international awards.

These are the “Golden Rules of Composition” — the foundation of all great paintings that many great artists spend their entire careers struggling to understand, captured and demonstrated with step-by-step guidance.

You’ll discover tips on harnessing light sources, nailing perspective, and how to pick the right “camera angle” for dramatic effects…

Amit will share his common-sense wisdom to help you create your best work yet, like crucial drawing tips, thumbnail sketches, color mixes and application, and so much more.

In other words, Amit is spilling all his best career-defining secrets for YOUR advantage.

Composition is the ONE skill all artists need to continually improve and eventually master, because it’s THAT important for creating museum-worthy artwork.

If you’ve been wanting to paint intricate scenes but are intimidated by their complexity, this training will give you the skills and confidence to tackle even the most elaborate environments.

Composition for Watercolor is designed to take your painting skills to awe-inspiring levels.

In just 3 insight-packed hours, you’ll learn the proven approach to infuse intricate scenes with intrigue, easily and consistently!

Follow along step-by-step as Amit shares the precise methods that will help you evolve from rigidly copying photos to crafting dramatic scenes that radiate with life as he paints an energetic view of Venice, Italy!


Inside, Amit will share…

  • …a proven framework for visually breaking down intricate environments into manageable parts…
  • …his procedure for developing simple and accurate architectural drawings filled with enticing contrast and negative space…
  • …how to create a thumbnail layout sketch that forms the backbone of a compelling painting…
  • …key techniques for using thumbnail sketches, perspective, and mapping out sprawling locations…
  • …Amit’s counterintuitive approaches that will make your paintings unique — like how to use yellow and blue to create a beautiful sky (without making green!)...
  • …how to create form and volume on rounded objects…
  • …how to paint colorful shadows and reflections in water…
  • and so much more!



Your Lesson Plan! 

Introduction (2 min.)

Get to know Amit’s artistic journey and background in animation that gave him exceptional skills in lighting, composition, and drawing that he will share with you in this video. Once you start, you’ll feel as if you are right there in the classroom with Amit as he encourages you to follow along with him so you, too, can find success!


Materials (5 min.)

Discover Amit’s preferred painting materials as he explains why the surface, paints, and brushes he uses allow him to create vibrant, emotive artworks.


The Golden Rules of Composition (21 min.)

The lesson you do NOT want to miss, no matter your level of experience! Master composition as Amit teaches how to use perspective tricks, play with horizon lines, and create directional lighting to inject drama and intrigue into scenes. You’ll learn key concepts like light source, perspective, “line of action,” and “camera angle” choices to inject drama, intrigue, and depth into your watercolors. You’ll even learn a simple way to add figures to your painting for instant interest and life.


Thumbnail Layout (10 min.)

Discover Amit’s process for structuring manageable components, using thumbnail sketches to map compositions, and planning simplified focal points from raw inspiration. You’ll soon understand the importance of this step, as it will ensure you create a much stronger painting!


The Drawing (18 min.)

Arguably one of the most important steps of the painting! You’ll learn how to make a drawing on your watercolor paper (why you should not trace!), how to capture the right proportions, how to place objects to lead the eye, which details matter, and also how to make sure everything looks correct.


First Wash (81 min.)

Here Amit will apply his first layers of color to set the tone. You’ll discover how to use yellow and blue to create a beautiful sky (without making green!), how to give form and volume to rounded objects, how to create form with dark and light, how to paint colorful shadows, how to paint bounced, reflected light, and so many more incredible tips.


Paint the Boats (18 min.)

Things are getting much more exciting. Here you’ll learn how to paint all the boats in the scene, tips on the values and paint mixes to use for colorful boats to make them stand out, and how to add “noise” for interest.


Paint the Sea & Final Details (47 min.)

Time to wrap it up! Here you’ll learn how to add yellow washes of reflected light across the water, how to make the boats and buildings pop even more, how to paint sparkling water with ripples and reflections, how to add life with with simple figures in the boats and with birds, and a “scrub & spray” trick to keep the viewer’s attention on the focal point.

…and you’re done!


Once you’ve finished this video, you’ll have the skills to create visually stunning watercolor art that will delight viewers!

Grab this video and start today!


Meet Your New Instructor, Amit Kapoor!

Amit Kapoor is not merely a great teacher — he’s a titan in the world of contemporary watercolor art!

His awe-inspiring landscapes and cityscapes have earned over 50 international awards, including the prestigious Silver Star from the American Watercolor Society — given only to select individuals to recognize outstanding achievement and their contribution to the field of watercolor art.

In short, his mastery is undeniable.

As Vice President of the International Watercolor Society and founder of the Watercolor Society of India, Amit holds elite status in the global watercolor community.

His exceptional skill has not only been recognized with top international honors but has also placed his work on the walls of numerous private and corporate collections.

Few artists are lucky enough to receive direct mentoring from a distinguished painter like Amit — but those who do gain an invaluable competitive edge. Just imagine learning master-level techniques and insights from an artist of his caliber!

His wisdom and technical mastery accumulated over 25-plus years will accelerate your artistic development exponentially, offering massive leaps after short periods of study.

As the Principal and Co-Founder of the distinguished Anitoons School of Art & Animation (which has trained over 10,000 students in 20 years), Amit knows exactly how to break down complex concepts into accessible, actionable lessons.

He equips students with both theoretical foundations and practical techniques to apply immediately to their own art.

The rare chance to peek inside Amit’s artistic toolbox and gain incredible insight from his years of experience will give you an unbeatable advantage.

Join Amit as he shares his signature techniques for infusing drama and intrigue into your paintings!

Customer Reviews

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Sylvia Weir
watching a master at work

Amit kapor walks us step by step through his process; the thinking and planning part, the drawing, and the execution of the piece. He talks about his philosophy about art and life; hs drawing skills are phenomenal; and he makes the painting seem so easy.


I loved it

Lyrical interpretation of architecture and water

I have enjoyed looking at Amit Kapoor's painting since I saw his painting of the landmark bridge in Kolkata. When I watched him on Watercolor Live, and I painted his boat scene twice to learn more. So when this video came out, I ordered it before the release date and it exceeded my expectations. I loved his drawing stage, the stages of doing the buildings, the boats and then the water. Finally it all came together because of the plan. My favorite parts were the step by step layering of the colors of the building and in the final painting, one can see the play of lights and shadows, the reflections and depiction of old buildings. I particularly liked the various bits of advice he gave during the entire video, and especially the latter part of the video to sketch and draw as often as one can. But the final exclamation point came when he said what I always say to anybody who tells me painting is soothing, and I say, "It is like meditation". That is exactly what he said too. This is a must watch video if you would like to learn how to handle watercolor in general, as well.