Claudia Nice

Claudia Nice: Painting Nature in Pen & Ink with Watercolor

Video Length: 2 Hours
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There are many different approaches to creating a watercolor painting, and in this art instruction workshop, respected artist and educator Claudia Nice demonstrates the process of starting with pen and ink.

Nice spends over two hours explaining her approach and techniques for creating a watercolor landscape with pen, ink and brush. Throughout the course of this video lesson, Nice introduces students of all levels to the basic techniques involved with watercolor painting, and introduces ways that a scene's vitality can be enhanced with the addition of pen and ink.

In the first part of this step-by-step instructional video, Nice starts with a simple shell, and slowly progresses to painting leaves, birds and landscapes. Nice provides a useful demonstration of why simplifying a picture is so important. Through this lesson, students will learn that they don't have to paint everything they see to create beautiful pictures.

In the second part of this watercolor painting workshop, Nice demonstrates the powerful way that masking fluid and highlights can add texture and depth to your pictures. Workshop participants will also learn how to paint a nature scene from two different photographs, creating a unique landscape.

Although this instructional workshop focuses on watercolors, painters in all mediums will benefit from the techniques that Nice has gathered over the course of a lifetime of nature painting.

After practicing with this video, students will develop a more dramatic, convincing, and atmosphere-laden approach to painting nature.

By the time you reach the end of this watercolor painting lesson, you'll notice that your work has taken on new energy. Nice will teach you to unleash your passion as you learn to capture the living essence, moving sensations, dance of light, and the vast drama of nature.


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Clive Dobinson
Excellent, so many tips and methods in this video

I came away from watching this Nature film armed with so many new hints and tips from still life to nature painting, a definite purchase for beginners and improvers