Michele Byrne

Michele Byrne 3 Video Combo Set



This bundle includes three Michele Byrne videos. Over 14 Hours of in-depth instruction!

Painting Impressionistic Figures

Video Length: 2 Hours, 54 Minutes

You'll learn:

  • How to create a simple value sketch that will "map out" your painting and provide a solid framework before you begin
  • How to set up your materials when painting outdoors or in cafe settings
  • The fascinating reason Michele recommends you use a light grid when you work
  • Her color palette and why she prefers each color
  • How to paint the foreground and background (and what to consider as you're doing it)
  • How to "warm up" and "cool down" your values the right way
  • The secrets to establishing perspective when working outdoors or in the studio
  • How professional painters lead the viewer's eye to the focal point of a composition
  • The special tool Michele loves that you can't buy in an art store
  • How to paint with a palette knife and why this can give you a unique sense of texture that you can't get any other way
  • What you should AVOID when you start out painting figures
  • How to tell a story with your composition that hypnotically draws the viewer into your work
  • How to use Michele's "reactionary" style to experience the joy and freedom of improvisation as you paint
  • How to discover where each feature of your painting should go, even if your subjects are moving the entire time!
  • How to avoid the common mistakes that plein air painters make so you can experience rapid improvement in your own personal style and technique
  • And much, much more



Palette Knife Painting

Video Length: 5 Hours, 48 Minutes

Here's a quick taste of what you'll discover in this in-depth training: 

  • How to use the "flipping" technique to draw attention to the focal point of your painting 
  • Why Michele keeps a certain tool in her backpack all the time 
  • An easy way to make any people you paint "pop" from the canvas 
  • What to do the day after you finish painting (in fact, doing this could be the difference between a "good" painting … and an almost flawless one) 
  • What to do if you've always wanted to include people in your paintings but you're too afraid you won't get it rightThe perfect color to bring any flowers you paint to life 
  • A "foolproof" way of making sure nothing in your painting jumps out for the wrong reasons (anyone can do this, yet most don't) 
  • Michele explains why certain aspects of her paintings sometimes look "forced" (but don't worry, she also tells you what she does to make the magic happen) 
  • How Michele likes to paint shadows 
  • The nine specific, most important colors Michele uses on her palette 
  • Why letting the paint "take control" can make certain aspects of your work look more interesting 
  • How to improve your brush paintings with a palette knife 
  • A fascinating way to make "light" whites 
  • A fascinating way to make "warm" whites 
  • A HUGE mistake a lot of artists make when drawing a person's head 
  • How to get your painting looking more unified 
  • Michele's powerful advice on how to make "people look like people" (Hint: It's to do with body language) 
  • What Michele accidentally learned on a trip to Paris that helped her become a better painter 
  • A "silly little thing" Michele does toward the end of her painting that makes it look even better than before (YOUR skills as a painter will improve right away if you also pay this much attention to detail) 
  • One thing you have to be careful of when using a palette knife (even though palette knives can be a massive help, you must watch out for this) 
  •  Plus a whole bunch more, including:


Michele typically starts a painting of people … the surprising effect leaving some blank canvas showing has on the outcome of your work … and even a "ninja" way of making people appear in your paintings WITHOUT actually painting them.

*The instruction in this video can be applied to water-soluble oil, traditional oil, and even acrylic paints.



Palette Knife Cityscapes

Video Length: 6 Hours

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you:

  • Palette knives — remove mystery and add mastery!
  • Create a story and then tell it through your painting
  • Include all the details (without all the work!)
  • Bridge brush and palette knife techniques to bring a dynamic dimension to your paintings
  • Plan your focal point (and then stick to the plan!)
  • Create unique paintings that showcase your talent and set you apart from traditional, brush-only painters (your viewers and buyers will love it!)
  • Say yes to drama in value patterns!
  • Freshen up your techniques to further develop your own personal style (Michele shows you how!)
  • Bring life by adding figures, giving them their own personalities with a simple stroke of the knife!
  • Good planning leads to great precision (you’ll never want to skip this part again!)
  • Find the fun and freedom that only a palette knife can offer!
  • Orchestrate color to maximize energy, movement, and excitement
  • Manipulate your paint so it does what you want!
  • See for yourself how a palette knife inherently adds an impressionistic feel (and a lot more pizzazz!)
  • Ever use a Thrust Map? You will now!
  •  … And SO much more!!