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Video Length: 8 Hours 50 Minutes
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Many artists have experienced a moment in time when a piece of artwork truly captured their heart and mind. That’s no different for Mark. At just eight years old, his mother took him to an art festival where they looked at a lot of art. As Mark explains, everything was ‘just okay’ until he saw an artist demonstrating how to paint sea grass. For Mark, that’s the day his life changed.

Always living by the sea in New England, Mark is passionate about capturing the light, mood, and shimmer in his paintings.

In these courses, Mark’s goal is to help you discover what you genuinely love to paint and to lead you in fulfilling your own desire to make those elements in your landscape paintings look and feel natural.

Imagine being able to paint sand and sea grass that is so believable, your viewers will want to reach out and touch it — fully expecting to feel the textures of the real thing.

As Mark instructs and demonstrates full start-to-finish beach and seascape oil paintings in each video, he’ll reveal what has taken him years to master —  his specific techniques, including a unique application process, that results in a scene that is awash with sunshine.

In addition, Mark shows you how to instantly improve your paintings simply by paying attention to your light source. He’ll help you bring outdoor colors into the studio using his chip system, and he’ll teach you to paint water reflections properly … a must for paintings to be considered high quality.

Best of all, Mark’s techniques are easy to understand and can be used in almost any landscape painting, offering you new skills and abilities that will endure for your lifetime.


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Deborah Watson

Lot's of detail Mark showed which I Loved