Landscape Bundle Special



This Bundle Includes 8 Of Our Popular Landscape Instructional Videos!

Combined Length: 39+ Hours


Brian Blood: Studio Painting Secrets

In this video, you'll discover how to use a reference photo or a study to create a larger studio painting — perfect for painters who are unable to finish a painting in one sitting and want to pick up right where they left off during their last session.



Bill Davidson: Painting Simplified

As you watch this video, you’ll be amazed at Bill’s ability to clearly communicate in a simple, well-organized manner, all while conducting a full painting demonstration for you.



Paul Kratter: Mastering Trees

Paul is going to teach you his entire landscape painting process. This video is full of tips, tools, and the techniques Paul uses that will cross over to things you paint besides trees. Paul is a master at turning more complicated tasks into manageable steps that are simple and that yield predictable results. These skills are universal!



Kathie Odom: Bold Brushwork

In this video tutorial, Kathie will help you build confidence with your painting techniques, regardless of where you are on your journey. She’ll show you how to feel confident in taking more risks and trusting yourself enough to let your creative instincts do more of the work.



Jim Wodark: Composition for Painters

In this powerful video, Jim proves that the answer to “What makes a good painting good?” is great composition. It’s what high-level artists know and use to make their paintings rise above the rest. Suddenly things will start feeling right, all because you understand these composition principles.



Christine Lashley: Paintings That Sparkle

Paintings that Sparkle is sure to be one of our most popular videos ever because Christine is not only an accomplished artist in her own right, she has been teaching art for over 20 years. You can rest assured that she knows a thing or two (or a thousand!) about teaching every level of artist, from basic beginner to up-and-comers and even highly regarded professionals.



Kim Casebeer: Dramatic Light

You can paint along as Kim shows you how to build a landscape painting that will give you shivers. You’ll see every step from start to finish, and the light and drama will be stuck in your head forever. 



Bob Rohm: Harmonious Landscapes

This video offers you great insight and inspiration into the world of painting landscapes that stage color and design in perfect harmony. It’s an amazing experience you’ll want to have. You won’t look at landscapes the same way again. And the results in your next landscape will amaze all who see your newfound knowledge of harmonizing light, color, and values.