Karl Dempwolf

Karl Dempwolf: California Impressionism


Video Length: 5 Hours 54 Minutes
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This instructional video is packed with the tips, tools, and techniques Karl uses in each of his own paintings — all presented in a teaching style that you can easily learn from.

Karl explains everything, from designing your scene, creating a pencil sketch to create the perfect composition, how to do a quick plein air study to capture the feel, and how to create a beautiful studio painting. You’ll also get to see my personal interview with Karl, and a show of his best paintings, plus two BONUS videos that you don’t want to miss!


Developing Your Own Unique Style

One of the most incredible things about Karl is that over the years he has developed a unique style that sets him apart from every other landscape artist. Having a signature style while still producing high-quality artwork is a dream for nearly every artist, and one of the best ways you can achieve that dream is to learn from this modern master. You don’t have to copy Karl’s style — he will tell you how to discover your own unique style.

As you watch and paint right along with Karl, one of the first things you’ll notice is how relaxed and confident he is — a natural state for this highly accomplished professional artist who has enjoyed a long and successful career. Spend time with Karl by way of this video, and you’ll just want to soak up everything he generously offers. You’ll see what he does that makes his paintings highly recognizable, and how you can take what you’re learning and apply it to your own artwork.

You’ll see every step Karl takes for each of his paintings

  • Pencil sketch: choosing what you like from the scene and developing your sketch
  • Designing your composition to make a show-stopping painting
  • Creating an on-location color sketch to grab the essence of color and light
  • The way to properly transfer your drawing to your canvas
  • The unique colors and materials you’ll need
  • Karl’s exclusive approach to creating harmony in a painting with color
  • The important first steps for correctly blocking in the design
  • Using color to bring the masses of shape alive, and making critical adjustments
  • Knowing when and why to quit — a lesson most artists need to fully understand
  • The proper way to match a frame to make your painting stand out


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Karl's work is reminiscent of William Wendt , my favorite early ca. impressionist....until now, the "Wendt Mystique" has eluded me in my quest to imitate his unique style...Karl simplifies the study in such a way as to be easily grasped , and the work just flows from my brush now, thanks to Karl's "California Impressionism" video. thanks, Karl, even this 77 year old blonde grandmother learned from your wonderful demo...

Linda Olsen
Painting as exploration

I think others have well-described this DVD. What I really liked was watching Karl push and pull paint around the canvas, designing and redesigning the painting. His mindset of exploring and trying out something new was refreshing and validated me because I tend to be open ended in most of what I do in life and painting. It's the "let me try this and see if I like it" thinking that I always thought artists were beyond by the time they became well-known, as if they had learned what worked a while back and could present themselves as working seamlessly from beginning to end. I'm always trying new stuff and it appears that I am indecisive but its more a need to have to see an idea. Anyway, Karl's tips about studying the masters, keeping an open mind, and showing his sketches and location photos all delve into his working methods and show how far he is willing to deviate from painting what he sees. I recommend this DVS to anyone looking to learn more about this master's thought processes.

Vasco Roma
Great video and great lessons to be had

I'm particularly fond of the California impressionist style and Karl Dempwolf's take on it so it was great to get to see and learn about the process from beginning to end.

Donna Long
Very Informative and inspirational DVD

I was so happy to see that Karl had made a dvd. I found his book in an art store in Studio City (Carter Sexton) about ten years ago and fell in love with his paintings. He has been one of my biggest inspirations since I found his book.

His dvd explains the painting process from sketch to final painting. The viewer can see both his palette and his painting at the same time which is big plus! I highly recommend this dvd and all books that Karl has produced.

Jim Trask
Dempwolf, a unique signature of style

Initially I thought spending over $100 for a video of Karl defining his methodology of painting from pencil sketch to color sketch to a larger format was a bit pricey. I have painted with Karl on two separate occasions in the last couple of years and I took notes, but much of his shared info is lost in time. And I paid much more for the experience. But the video, as it turns out, allows me to play it over & over again to really solidify his comments while demonstrating his unique signature of style. So I am now thinking that his video has much more detail than a workshop and I can play it over, and over, and over to enjoy nuggets of info that I missed previously, utilizing specific chapters of the demo for quick review,
I now think that his video cuts to the chase, saves time and money in the long run, but provides the necessary insight to the viewer that can be reviewed multiple times.