Gloria Page

Gloria Page: Art Stamping Innovations: Carving Workshop


Video Length: 2 Hours
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Discover the incredible creative flexibility of art stamping with Gloria Page. From simple, no-carve stamps to intricate designs pressed in polymer clay, this workshop explains all you need to get started with handmade stamps. Gloria shares the basics of carving soft blocks, beginning with easy projects that get you stamping in minutes.

You'll learn safe carving techniques that work whether you're using one of Gloria's image transfer methods or creating a free-form design. Gloria introduces a variety of inks, paints, embossing products and bleaching materials that allow you to stamp designs on nearly any surface, from paper and cards to fabric and clay. You'll also learn about multi-block printing, masking and a variety of carving materials including wood, linoleum and scratch foam.

Gloria finishes the workshop with projects that are easy to execute and look fantastic. You'll learn stamping techniques that will keep you inspired for years to come in Art Stamping Innovations with Gloria Page.

Page first teaches you the basics of how to make a stamp. She explains what carving materials are available including soft blocks and cutting tools. She then moves on to the basics of how to carve a stamp and gives artist tips for carving safely. Page introduces a variety of inks, paints, embossing products and bleaching materials, plus shows some exciting combinations of stamps, papers and fabrics.

She shows you that you can make a stamp out of anything including many inexpensive supplies you can find in a hardware or thrift store. Page's art lesson finishes with image transfer techniques and a few ideas to jump start your own adventures into art stamping.


Bonus Clip: "Masking with Stamps"
In this clip from her video workshop, Art Stamping Innovations: Carving Workshop, mixed media artist Gloria Page shows you how to create crisp, overlapping shapes using handmade stamps. You learn to cut masks to protect previously applied ink while repeating shapes on your paper or fabric.