George Van Hook

George Van Hook: How to Paint Impressionism Outdoors


Video Length: 1 Hour 58 Minutes
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George Van Hook makes paintings come alive with his unique energy, abstract shapes, and ability to capture the essence and feel of a scene. Join George as we paint on location at his favorite farm and he shows you his step-by-step technique for creating a painting on location.

You’ll learn his unique approach to creating a composition that draws the eye exactly where he wants it to go, how to block in with big shapes so that the painting falls together accurately and rapidly, his thought process about laying down color, and the importance of brushstrokes that bring a painting to life. George has a talent for teaching that makes his concepts easy to grasp and implement on your own. By following his system, you’ll be creating beautiful paintings that come alive.

Landscapes will become easy for you once you learn George's techniques and secrets!

  • How to create a composition
  • Using big shapes to unify your painting
  • Creating your underpainting
  • Using color selectively
  • Creating a sense of distance
  • Capturing the right values
  • Using big, bold brush strokes
  • Creating a convincing painting