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Francesco Fontana: Watercolor the Italian Way


Video Length: 3 Hours 12 Minutes
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 Using an Exciting NEW Watercolor Method... 

Even If You’ve Never Worked With Watercolors in Your Life!

If you are interested in improving your painting experience by leaps and bounds, then this is going to be one of the most important e-mails you’ll ever read.

Here’s why:

Have you ever heard of Francesco Fontana?

Painters from all over the globe pay a pretty penny to take his classes and attend his inspirational workshops because he’s so good at helping his students achieve quantum growth in their painting experience.

But Francesco isn’t just a world-renowned art teacher ... he’s also a revolutionary.

You see, for almost three decades he’s been creating and refining a method that he calls Alla Seconda — a technique for capturing the essence of your subject using only what touches you emotionally.
The method is based on using your memory rather than simply translating what you are observing in the moment.
The first steps involve taking a camera snapshot of your subject, then creating a sketch to work from. Then the real magic of Francesco’s technique begins to take hold.

The Alla Seconda Method is currently making waves in the art world, from galleries in Paris to expositions in New York and Los Angeles.

And we can see why — when it comes to telling a story that’s true and resonates with the viewer, this technique makes the process shockingly simple.

Francesco cut his teeth in art school, but his real education began when he lived the bohemian dream by painting portraits in the streets of Paris!

It wasn’t long before his work began showing up in exhibitions and private collections all over Europe.

After receiving critical acclaim, Francesco co-founded the Fara Pittura Atelier School in Milan, Italy, where he teaches his exciting method — a method so effective that anyone can use it to make their brushwork feel almost effortless.

All it takes is ONE class to realize:

“If You Want to Learn How to Internalize Your Painting Experience and Express What TRULY Resonates Within You, Then the Alla Seconda Method Was Created FOR YOU”

Unfortunately, most people can’t drop everything and fly to Milan to train with Francesco Fontana.

That’s why, when we had the exciting opportunity to host him here at one of our workshops in Austin, we leaped at the chance.

And we weren’t disappointed.

Francesco treated us to a rare two-hour demonstration of the Alla SecondaPainting Method AND he sat down with us for an hour for an exclusive one-on-one interview.

These sessions were both eye-opening and incredibly inspiring — filled to the brim with the unique insights that have earned Francesco his reputation as one of the most effective and creatively inspirational painting teachers in the art world today.

We shot the demonstration with multiple high-resolution cameras so we could be sure we didn’t miss a single detail of this high-quality training....


Here’s what you’ll learn inside:

  • A fast and easy way to capture the mood of ANY city or countryscape by using only what resonates in your memory…
  • How to sketch from a photo of your subject that you took “on the go” and why this strategy can improve the quality of ANY painting you create…
  • How to paint foregrounds and backgrounds and use the right “wash” that appeals to you…
  • When to focus on the details and when to let them go to bring out what truly speaks to you within the heart of the subject…
  • What you MUST know about shading when working with watercolors so you can improve the quality of your entire composition…
  • How watercolors can inspire your best work and develop your artistic vision in other mediums like oils and acrylics…
  • How to use emotion and translate it into your work so you can reinvent reality for your friends and family (and the patrons who will gladly pay you for it!).
  • Tips and techniques to capturing light, mood, tone, and specific elements by expressing the magic of what originally caught your eye in the subject…
  • Why you should consider improvising your color arrangement and the surprising reason this can bring out the very best in your work…
  • Why Francesco calls watercolors the “jazz of painting”...

…and much, much more.

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Liliedahl Customer
Francisco Fontana Watercolour the Italian Way

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video, full of helpful hints and I learnt a new approach to watercolour painting. I would recommend this video