Dina Wakley

Dina Wakley: Awesome Acrylics - 12 Techniques for Mixed Media

Video Length: 1 Hour 23 Minutes
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Jump start your creativity with 12 mixed media techniques. 
Join artist Dina Wakley as she shows you and on-camera student Amy Jones, the seemingly unending versatility of acrylics. Techniques include: buffed over texture, sgraffito, flowy color pools, embedded gesso wash, glazing, acrylic transfer, dry brush layers, reduced stenciling, masking and petroleum jelly.

In this workshop, Dina demonstrates each technique on a manila tag. Not only is this great for collage but students can also create a technique library for future reference. After working quickly through each of the 12 lessons, Dina shows how you can combine techniques for an art journal. While Dina focuses on art journals, these techniques are perfect for mixed media art of all kinds.

About Dina’s Materials
Dina uses her own line of acrylic paints but any heavy bodied acrylics would work with these techniques. More advanced students will be able to mix and match their fluid acrylics as well for a portion of the techniques. Dina uses stencils throughout the workshop, baby wipes and petroleum jelly.

Skill Level
Much like Dina Wakley’s other workshops, this is a technique based workshop. It’s fantastic for all skill levels. If you are intermediate to advanced it’s possible that some of the techniques will be familiar to you. However all skill levels will enjoy the fast pace and clear instruction. Dina is a natural on camera and her years of teaching shine through. Students will also get some discussion of  color theory and design although there are no break out chapters on those specific topics.