Daniel Maidman

Daniel Maidman: Enhanced Life Drawing


Video Length: 4 Hours
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Here’s what awaits you in this video

  • How quick warm-up sketches add to the success of your drawing
  • How to paint from a photograph without painting the photograph
  • Finding the perfect rhythm in every pose
  • Watch as figures seem to magically emerge right off of the paper
  • Find clarity in what you think you see versus what you actually see
  • Surprising differences between male and female muscle formations
  • Why graphite or wax pencils? There are big reasons for both!
  • Accuracy versus vitality — which to choose? (You might be surprised!)
  • The ONE WORD that will make a BIG difference in your life drawings
  • Different paper for different subjects
  • When to set anatomy rules aside
  • Choose what part of the figure to draw
  • Composition matters when placing a figure on paper
  • Study a large digital collection of Daniel’s amazing drawings that are included in the video


If you dread struggling with the technical aspects of anatomy in your figure paintings and drawings … all those complicated bones and muscles … we have a solution!

Daniel Maidman shows you how to utilize your knowledge of anatomy, and then set it aside so you can tell a story about the living, breathing individuals in your drawings and paintings.

Because every step of an artist's journey requires good drawing skills, we are all on a lifelong quest to improve and perfect our own level of proficiency. Regardless of your personal style or the medium you use, excellent drawing is the foundation you need in order to achieve your artistic goals.

Not to worry, this is not a tedious anatomy class. Instead, this is a celebration of the human form!

Without the ability to draw well, you will be forever limited as a figurative artist. In this video, Daniel will not only help you break through your fear and hesitation of life drawing, he'll help you discover a newfound enjoyment for it that you’ve probably never experienced.

Like the masters, Daniel focuses on the depiction of body shapes and forms through the gentle sculpting of light and shadow.

He describes the goal for his drawings as lyrical realism… figures that are recognizably the real thing, but with a sense of poetic grace about them.

With Daniel’s instruction, you’ll gain new clarity and will soon be enhancing your art by applying the master touches Daniel reveals in this video.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Scott Dyer
Enhanced Life Drawing Review

Only have done a watch through and then plan on following along during the extended poses what I enjoyed the most were Daniel's comments during the long poses. His explanation of his process and philosophy of what it is to be an artist, and techniques he employs to renders his life drawings. I feel I will be doing many viewings to allow my brain to properly process and absorb all the information he departs. One particular segment I enjoyed was the interview afterwards. Daniel's comments were very frank and insightful.

Ken Sallinger

I was extremely pleased with Daniel Maidman's approach to teaching and the quality of his straightforward, and personable instruction. I especially enjoyed how he produced his excellent work using simple tools, different pose lengths, and using a building block method that appealed to me. I highly recommend this video! Ken

Judith Bishop
Thorough even for a beginner

I have never drawn or painted from a live model and it was informative when he did quick, rough sketches while he had the model strike different poses to warm up and then suggest to use them as presents. Interesting.