Carolyn Lewis

Carolyn Lewis: Painting Mood and Atmosphere in Oils

Video Length: 1 Hour 5 Minutes
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Compared to other mediums, oil painting can sometimes get stuck with the reputation of being heavy and overstated.

Those that are used to the light airy feeling of watercolors or acrylics might feel uncomfortable branching out into this new medium, as they are unsure of how to manipulate and coax it into a realistic format.

If you're interested in taking your skills with oil painting to a new level, this workshop for intermediate oil painters by Carolyn Lewis is perfect for your needs.

In this oil painting video, you'll receive over an hour of personal instruction as Lewis stages and creates a dynamic landscape scene from a reference photograph. Although the scene might seem dark and boring to some, Lewis helps students to notice the nuances of color, light, and mood that make it more interesting than first meets the eye.

Students in this oil painting workshop will have the privilege of accompanying Lewis throughout the entire oil painting process, from priming her canvas to completing the final details. As she moves through the painting, Lewis bestows a wealth of knowledge on her students, sharing advice about the importance of value, color, shape and edges in oil painting, and paint scenes from your own imagination.