Annie O'Brien Gonzales

Annie O'Brien Gonzales: Expressive Abstracts Mixed Media Painting Workshop

Video Length: 1 Hour 21 Minutes
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Be bold with your painting techniques and discover how to maximize the elements of art and design.


In this beginner (true beginner/beginner) North Light host Amy Jones works with mixed media artist Annie O’Brien Gonzales to introduce the world of abstract painting.

The goal of this workshop is to make abstract painting accessible to beginning artists. Gonzalez helps you get started by walking you through the beginning steps of three beginning abstract demos. The tone is conversational and co-host Amy Jones works as a surrogate for a beginning painter as she asks questions and expresses concerns that you might at home. You also see Jones work through the same design challenges as instructor Gonzalez.

(Please note: This is a true beginner/ beginner workshop)

Throughout the workshop, Gonzales shares her expressive and playful acrylic tips so you can start to acquaint yourself with abstract art. The rules of abstract art are sometimes blurry and undefined, which can lead to confusion within the artist. But Gonzales simplifies the process of getting started with your piece, and teaches you when to end the artwork. You won’t overcrowd your painting with colors; instead, you will explore painting techniques to create an eye-catching composition.

    By developing your painting with mixed-media marks, collage, layers of acrylic paint, you will find new and unique ways to approach abstract art. From crayons to heavy and fluid paints, powdered pigments to colored pencils, your piece will come alive through your carefully crafted color-scheme. You don’t need to feel lost to design an abstract art piece, and Gonzales guides you with her advice and secrets so you can be daring and find inspiration in the abstract!


    This Video Features

    • 3 abstract demo studies
    • Direction on the process of creating an abstract art piece
    • Under-painting style techniques