Vicki Sullivan

Vicki Sullivan: Painting Realistic Portraits


Video Length: 8 Hours 30 Minutes
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Ever Painted a Portrait So Alive, It Seems Like It Could Walk Right Out of the Painting and Into the Room?

Create Portraits That Breathe Life with Vicki Sullivan

In a world where portraits often merely skim the surface, living master Vicki Sullivan’s Painting Realistic Portraits unveils the depth behind every gaze — leading you from a superficial likeness to the soul-stirring realms of realism.

If you’ve ever aspired to paint a portrait so vivid, it seems as though the subject could step right out of the canvas, Vicki will show you how!

In this course, Vicki shares a tried-and-true method used by the Old Masters to create a realistic portrait in oil using an indirect approach.

From the initial brushstroke to the final detail, you’ll gain insight into vital techniques like how to create the illusion of form by using values.

You’ll also get to see how to use warm and cool hues in your skin tones to create realistic, luminous skin.

There are nuances to creating a successful, realistic portrait. Having an actual living master show you how it’s done through a proven process is the best way to understand these elusive techniques!

Not only will you finally understand how the Old Masters did it, you’ll also get a thorough instruction on how to execute the approach yourself!

In this course, Vicki’s teachings go beyond the technicalities of painting — instead she’s showing you how to communicate soulful narratives through your art.

Besides learning specific techniques like color mixing and brushwork, you’ll unlock the secret to capturing the unique spirit of your subjects, transforming your paintings from mere visuals to captivating stories.

In other words, you’re going to go from creating flat, lifeless paintings to creating ethereal portraits that look like they’re actually living inside the canvas!

Beginners will get a masterclass on how to paint like the Old Masters, while advanced artists will gain greater confidence to take on portrait commissions. Regardless of your level of skill, the insights offered inside Vicki Sullivan’s Painting Realistic Portraits will progress your skills to even greater heights.


Meet Your Instructor, Vicki Sullivan!

Australian artist Vicki Sullivan has earned international acclaim for her mesmerizing portraits and inspiring figurative works. Rooted in the traditions of the Old Masters, her paintings resonate deeply with contemporary art lovers.

What sets Vicki apart from her contemporaries is not just her technical prowess, but the soul she captures in each piece — the stories etched on the faces she paints and the emotions her art conjures.

In 2021 Vicki was awarded the title of Living Master by the Art Renewal Center — the largest International Foundation for the promotion and education of realist art.

Her numerous accolades, exhibitions, and finalist positions in esteemed art competitions only further reflect her international influence.

In Painting Realistic Portraits, she lifts the veil on age-old techniques, empowering aspiring artists to foster a profound understanding of realism and enabling them to narrate their own stories through the silent yet eloquent language of classical art.

“When I paint a portrait, I want to achieve two things: I want the subject to appear as though they could walk right out of the canvas and into the room, and I want to capture something of their personality in the process.”
— Vicki Sullivan 

What You’ll Discover Inside Painting Realistic Portraits:

  • A detailed demonstration of a tried-and-true method of realistic portrait painting used by the legendary Old Masters…
  • Layering secrets to make your portraits more lifelike…
  • How to create the illusion of form like a pro…
  • The RIGHT way to mix luminous skin tones (you’ll also learn how to manage color better!)…
  • How to capture your model’s personality and make viewers feel like they know your model…
  • How to build up your layers and refine your portraits to achieve a high level of realism…
  • Crystal-clear explanation on how to turn the form and make your portraits look realistic through the proper use of value, color, and edges…
  • How to transfer your drawing onto the canvas…
  • Shadow-shapes mapping techniques for an award-winning composition….
  • How to paint a “grisaille” and why it’s crucial for achieving a realistic appearance…
  • Dos and don’ts when painting several layers of color…
  • How to work beyond the photo reference…
  • PRO TIP: How to paint lace and gauzy fabric!
  • And much, much more!

Chapter Breakdown

  1. Introduction
  2. Materials & Tools
  3. Setting Up the Model
  4. Construct Drawing
  5. Transfer the Drawing
  6. The Underpainting
  7. The Grisaille 
  8. First Layer of Color
  9. Second Layer of Color
  10. Second Layer of Color, Continued
  11. Refinement
  12. Final Touches

Extra Bonuses:

  • High Speed View for your painting convenience
  • Exhibit of Works for your creative inspiration
  • Interview with Eric Rhoads for insights and motivation

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julie H
Vicki Sullivan

“ This is the best painting demonstration/ teaching video I have watched on portrait painting. The only thing that would have been better was to be in the studio with Vicki to see the colours in real life. Vicki generously shows her process, talks about what she hopes to achieve in a painting and shares her vast knowledge as she talks through each step of her process. I would recommend this video to anyone wanting to improve their portraiture.”
I like that I can understand what she is saying, I like her Aussie accent, the vocabulary used.
Sometimes I feel like I have to learn a whole other language to be able to understand what the “teacher” is trying to say, so it was a pleasure to listen to Vicki explain things in a straight forward manner.

Carolee Veon

Vickie carries on a 'conversation' with the viewer while painting that is very interesting and informative. I enjoy learning her thoughts and techniques as she
reveals this lovely painting step by step. I've learned a couple new oil colors that I'm going to add to my palete.

Marsha Mugaas
Amazing class

From her Rembrandt style under paintings to her concession with brushes, I learned so much. So glad I bought the DVD so I can go back this time and again.

Barbara kicinski
Excellent training

Her words speak to me and I have an understanding of how light and capturing a likeness feels