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Jennifer McChristian: Painting with Style


Video Length: 3 Hours 40 Minutes
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Award-Winning Artist Shares a Step-By-Step Method That Simplifies Complex Scenes Without Getting Overwhelmed by Detail.

Perfect for Everyone, Even If You’ve Never Attempted These Scenes Before!

If you’ve ever wanted to paint complex scenes but were intimidated by overwhelming details, then Painting With Style was made just for you.

In this step-by-step demonstration, Jennifer McChristian will show that painting complex scenes comes down to training your “Artist’s Eye” to see what really matters — understanding how to master the thousands of micro-decisions when approaching a painting to determine what’s important and what’s not.

Once you’ve learned these skills, you’ll be able to paint anyscene with confidence, no matter how complicated or intimidating it may look.

Working from Jennifer’s PleinAir Magazine cover and PleinAir Salon award-winning painting for inspiration, in this demonstration you’ll paint a rich harbor scene that includes old Chinese houseboats (also known as junks).

Jennifer will show you how to look at colors differently, focusing on their basic values. It’s like turning a colorful jigsaw puzzle into a manageable black-and-white picture. This little trick alone can make your paintings stand out!

You’ll learn to mix vibrant colors without using black, control your edges like a pro, and tips to master the palette knife.

This course is perfect for you if you’re after structure in your disorganized painting process or if you’re confused about how to accurately capture the right details to make your paintings as impactful as possible. You’ll discover the secrets to creating paintings that are cohesive, expressive, and brimming with life.

Just like her painting style, Jennifer has a unique gift for making complex concepts simple. Her methods are clear, straightforward, and, most importantly, fun. So no matter your level of experience, you’ll discover many tips and tricks to bring your art to the next level.

Whether you’re struggling with composition, feeling overwhelmed by the many decisions throughout a painting, or seeking a clearer and simpler path in your artistic journey, this course is the missing piece to your next masterpiece!


Inspired by her August / September 2022 cover of PleinAir Magazine


Meet Your New Instructor, Jennifer McChristian!

Jennifer McChristian is an award-winning artist with over 20 years of painting experience to share. Originally from Montreal and now based in Los Angeles, Jennifer has a diverse portfolio that includes everything from tranquil rural landscapes to lively urban scenes, all captured in her distinct contemporary impressionist style.

Jennifer’s journey in art began with a solid foundation from Otis Art Institute, followed by professional experience as a full-time animation artist working for projects at Disney and Nickelodeon. This valuable experience not only honed her unique skill set but also enriched her artistic approach.

Beyond her studio work, Jennifer is a respected educator, conducting workshops both in the U.S. and internationally. Her commitment to art education is evident in her approach to teaching, where she shares her extensive knowledge and passion.

Her achievements in the art world are notable. She’s been honored with the Best Signature Award of Excellence by Oil Painters of America, and her work has been recognized in the PleinAir Salon, with a first place win putting her painting on the cover of PleinAir Magazine. As a member of prestigious societies like Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society, Jennifer has established herself as a prominent figure in the art community.

In her instructional course, Painting With Style, Jennifer McChristian shares her oil painting expertise, offering insights and techniques honed over a lifetime of artistic exploration. For anyone eager to deepen their understanding and practice of painting, Jennifer is the ideal guide!


Lesson Plan 

Chapter 1: Introduction

Meet Jennifer McChristian as she sets the stage for your painting journey! With such an experienced award-winning instructor guiding you, get ready for an insightful, eye-opening painting experience. After this course, your confidence in painting complex scenes will skyrocket!


Chapter 2: Materials

What do the pros use to create their masterpieces? This chapter isn’t just a list of materials; it’s an insight into the specific paints, brushes, and tools Jennifer chooses to create her signature style. Learn how choosing the right materials, and self-imposed constraints, can enhance your artistic expression and bring your visions to life!


Chapter 3: Review the Subject

This chapter focuses on analyzing the subject through the lens of color and atmosphere. Jennifer teaches how to capture the essence of an overcast day with muted colors, strong value contrasts, and atmospheric depth. It’s about seeing beyond the obvious and painting the mood and feel of the scene.


Chapter 4: Value & Design

Strengthen your understanding of value and design in this chapter! Jennifer emphasizes the importance of translating colors into black-and-white values to ensure successful compositions. You’ll discover the “master secret” of simplifying your scene into four key values, setting a strong foundation for your painting.


Chapter 5: The Underpainting

Here, Jennifer will introduce the technique of underpainting to create a radiant glow. Follow her as she uses a bright red tone to sketch the basic shapes, focusing on large forms and wiping out light shapes. This stage is about mapping out your painting and setting the tone for vibrant colors to come.


Chapter 6: Block In Big Shapes

This chapter is all about the “big picture.” Jennifer guides you through blocking in large shapes, starting with the darks and avoiding detail. Discover how to mix rich colors, adjust hues without altering value, and capture the essence of overcast lighting in your work.


Chapter 7: Go Smaller

Refine your painting by adding midtones and smaller shapes. Jennifer teaches the art of adjusting and refining the larger shapes to bring balance and accuracy to your composition. This chapter encourages working across the entire painting to maintain harmony and flow.


Chapter 8: Go Lighter

Here, Jennifer demonstrates how to add lighter shapes on the roofs of the boats, paint the water and sky, and infuse the scene with luminosity. It’s a crucial stage in making your painting come alive with brightness and contrast.


Chapter 9: Set Up for the Finish

Prepare your painting for the final touches! Jennifer shares techniques for adjusting edges, adding base colors, and incorporating color variety. This chapter is about adding those unexpected elements that transform a good painting into a great one!


Chapter 10: Final Adjustments & Details

Time to finalize your masterpiece! Jennifer walks you through adding little details that tie everything together. Learn to enhance shapes, add texture, and use simple yet effective marks to give your painting character and a sense of completeness.



What you’ll discover inside Painting with Style:

  • Jennifer McChristian’s unique step-by-step approach to painting highly detailed and complex scenes…
  • How to see the big shapes and translate them into paint…
  • How to overcome “color chaos” and see what actually matters…
  • How to paint loose and painterly without getting too fussy with the details…
  • How to simplify any scene to just 4 values (key lesson!)...
  • How to get a glow that radiates through your colors…
  • Jennifer’s “dog before the flea” approach when painting big shapes…
  • How to mix dark, rich colors without using black…
  • How to adjust color without adjusting value...
  • The two best colors for neutralizing an oversaturated color mix…
  • How to mix dark and mid-tone colors for the water…
  • How to mix color that works correctly in an overcast lighting scenario…
  • Brilliant tips on painting the water and sky (even pros need to watch this!)...
  • How to finish your painting with interesting edges…
  • A palette knife tip you’ll find yourself using in every painting to come
  • PLUS: “Brush feathering” techniques to keep things looking natural and giving them more character…
  • and so many more incredible insights from a renowned award-winning artist!


Customer Reviews

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Bonnie Collins
Unforgettably inspired!

I watched, I listened, so perfect to bring out the colors with a red background to start with! I have never forgotten and saved this on my Utube to watch again to follow along with Jennifer. I need to loosen up! And I found the one painter I want to follow her technique! Thank you Jennifer and PleinAir for sponsoring her!