Keiko Tanabe

Keiko Tanabe: Storytelling with Watercolor

Video Length: 2 Hours 7 Minutes

In this workshop-style video, paint right along with Keiko as she shows you how to choose what’s important for your paintings, what to leave out, and when to imply objects rather than detailing them in.

Picture this… you clear a whole day on your schedule just for painting. After what seems like forever, that glorious day finally arrives. With excited anticipation and a desire to create something amazing, you set everything up and get right to it. 

And then it happens… you stress and struggle about every little detail: what to include, what not to include, is that even the right color? Should this flower be taking an hour? Is that part dry yet? When is this thing going to be done? 

At the end of what you thought would be the best day ever, you step back, take a hard look at your intended masterpiece, and only see a painting that is flat and lifeless.  

Don’t worry. We’ve all been there and it’s not your fault. You just haven’t yet learned what really talented artists already know:

  • How to use every second of time to productively progress through a painting….
  • and
  • How NOT to get stuck in unnecessary details so you can get to the heart of your painting quickly and efficiently


Welcome to Storytelling with Watercolor with artist, Keiko Tanabe. 

Let go of agonizing over every brushstroke and discover faster ways to incorporate details like flowers, grasses, and trees. Get really strategic about edges so that you can take full advantage of wet-into-wet opportunities. Know when to step back from your painting and call it finished. 

By utilizing Keiko’s methods, you’ll soon be creating gorgeous paintings that invite viewers in, leading them through a natural rhythm, allowing them to take in everything that is there and all that is only implied. 

Your paintings will have a loose and vibrant look and feel to them and you’ll delight in the satisfaction of finishing more higher-quality paintings — and more quickly — than you ever have.

Stop spending your precious paint time feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with your work. Add Storytelling with Watercolor with Keiko Tanabe to your resource library today and, soon, you’ll be applying her proven techniques that’ll allow you to tell your stories, your way, in your own beautiful paintings. 


Techniques to Take With You!

  • Complete two start-to-finish watercolor paintings
  • Paint outdoors (en plein air)
  • How to create a strong center of interest
  • How to create movement in trees
  • How to use texture effects for flowers and dirt
  • Tips on how to save and create lights
  • Brushwork for painting wet-into-wet and drybrush
  • Edge control — how to plan for hard and soft edges
  • How to add elements to create depth in your painting
  • What to add and what to take out to create a stronger painting


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