Shuang Li

Shuang Li: Fearless Landscapes

Video Length: 3 Hours

Shuang Li takes you through exercises to help you simplify the landscape.

She’ll show you composition tricks, different ways to control that sometimes persnickety watercolor, and so much more!

  • Best brushes to use — you may already have some of these but weren’t sure how to use them ... you will be now!
  • Take a fresh look at shapes by relating them to a common household item (simple and effective!)
  • Alter edges to create interest — this alone will change the way others view your paintings!
  • Fearlessly be expressive — this is your painting, so make it your own!
  • Create illusion so your viewers can imagine themselves in the scene ... they’ll love becoming part of it!
  • Shuang says, “Bushes are just a version of trees without the trunk.” —find out how to paint them much better than you ever have
  • Let color mix itself! Absolutely possible!
  • Just TWO brushstrokes to create a distant mountain (Shuang shows you how!)
  • Be sure — paint it like you mean it!
  • Don’t treat the sun like a spotlight ... that’s not how nature works!
  • The unlimited color of rocks — discover which color to use
  • Why value patterns are mandatory in your work — don’t miss this!
  • Create an emotional connection with your subject ... if you feel it, you’ll do a much better job of painting it!
  • From out of the shadows ...could come anything — be watching!
  • Start with confidence, follow your plan, and finish strong ... this is what WINNING looks like!
  • So much more!


Also included in the video:

  • An exhibit of works by Shuang Li
  • Interview with the artist
  • High Speed View of At the Top — Shuang’s main painting demonstration


Silence the malicious voice in your head and let your talented and confident inner artist out!

If you’re looking to loosen up your watercolor landscapes but are afraid you’ll lose control of the paint or end up with mud, leave the fear behind with artist and workshop instructor Shuang Li.

Shuang openly shares her own techniques that will give you the freedom to enjoy watercolor as you create paintings that stay fresh and allow you to achieve the expressive results you desire.

It’s all here for you — exercises to help you simplify the landscape, composition tricks, and much more so you’ll have a confident start and a fantastic finished painting that doesn’t have unnecessary details.

Shuang also demonstrates a start-to-finish painting.You’ll learn how to use symbolic and suggestive visual expressions so your viewers can interact with your paintings, using their own imagination to fill in details.

Study with Shuang Li and you’ll quickly want to incorporate her techniques into your own work so your paintings become a personal expression.

“I have to experience the location, get a sense of the feeling, and get attracted to the elements. Then, I can do the painting.”


Chapter Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Art Materials
  3. Landscape Elements (review photos and draw out basic tissue box shapes)
  4. Visual Language: (taught via a mini landscape painting demo that will make a nice greeting card!)
  5. Depth & Distance (taught via sample photos and a mini demo with gradated wash depicting a field) 
  6. Landscape Composition (taught via lecture/visual tips as well as 2 small monotone landscape painting demos)
  7. Demo Step 1: Design with Value
  8. Demo Step 2: First Wash: Let’s Paint!
  9. Demo Step 3: Add Trees & Bushes
  10. Demo Step 4: Finishing Up


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