Jennifer Balkan

Jennifer Balkan: Limited Palette Portraits

Video Length: 7 Hours 36 Minutes

Important things you’ll learn from this video:

  • Explode four colors of paint into a zillion colors 
  • Warm it up or cool it down — color temperature isn’t as hard as you think
  • Blend without blending. Jennifer shows you how to blend optically!
  • Jewel colors — a magical four-color palette to enhance your portraits
  • Some say, “Likeness rules.” Some say, “Not so much.” We’ve got an answer for you!
  • Simple abstract value patterns — the best way to ensure a great portrait!
  • Enhance, don’t replicate. Portrait painting is not photography!
  • The tools you can use to see your painting differently
  • Help nature along with more color — Jennifer’s got the recipe
  • The Impressionists knew a thing or two about color — now you’ll know too!
  • Broken color is not broken at all, it’s the secret to vibrant flesh tones
  • Behind every good painting is a good underpainting — see why!
  • How do you paint something black without black paint — revealed here!
  • Form shadows versus cast shadows — the difference may surprise you!
  • Most importantly, give your colorful paintings taste and elegance!

…And much, much more


Let’s face it … we’re addicted to paint! We love to go to the paint aisle and try what’s new, right? There are so many paint tubes shouting, “Try me!” “No, try me!” 

Yet once you figure it out, there is nothing more satisfying than nailing it!

It’s one of those moments where you throw your hands in the air, do a little leap of joy, and shout, “Yes!!” because finally, after all this time, you figured it out.

So, which color and what mix are going to create the perfect color harmony effect? 

Well, that’s the question a passionate young artist pondered as she studied the masters. Yet she could not find anyone who knew. So she toiled endlessly for years to figure it out.

Artist Jennifer Balkan has found the solution, and she wants to share it with you. In fact, Jennifer wants to save others all the time she spent figuring out how to create such wonderful paintings. So much so that she co-founded an art school. And not just any art school, but a classically based atelier (workshop of the artist), and the first in America founded by four women artists. And that school is a phenomenon.

We fell in love with Jennifer’s work and her passion for art and teaching. And, knowing not everyone can pack up and move to Austin, Texas, to attend Atelier Dojo, we knew we had to bring Jennifer to our studio to create a video for you. 

In this premium art instruction video, Jennifer enthusiastically shows you how to mix any color, any value, and any temperature with the most basic of limited color palettes.

 Follow Jennifer’s lead and mix all the colors you can imagine with her palette made up of just four colors — yes, you read that right … just four colors!

Now, there are lots of artists who paint with four colors. That’s pretty cool. But there’s a lot more to this story. You see, you still have to know how to express those colors to get that look of elegance in your paintings.


Liven Up the Color and Elegance in Your Portraits

 Jennifer’s obvious love for color comes through in all of her paintings. And you’ll find yourself loving color more than ever when you see her portrait demonstration of Woman in Red. 

She shows you how to boost what you see in subjects to liven them up with color more vibrant than is actually there, while making your paintings have that feel of taste and elegance. This is a perfect solution if you have struggled to add more life and taste to your portraits.


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