George James

George James: The Artistic Process On Yupo Paper

Video Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
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George James will push your painting to the next level! George's masterful handling of the media makes it fun to watch and learn.

The magic of George James's painting doesn't just happen. It is the result of maintaining an open channel for creative juices while building a painting, a process that seems almost counter intuitive. It is a process that must be followed in order to create paintings of authenticity and meaning.

George is a gold-medal-winning, innovative artist with a lifetime of teaching. He has championed the use of synthetic paper. In this film, George teaches the artistic process he uses to create his fabulous paintings. His work is a harmonious joining of technique to concept. He sequences the building process to best express both.

He begins with a simple sketch of a married couple having dinner over a bottle of wine. The challenge is to represent the relationship of the couple. With a simple line drawing, George demonstrates how subtle gesture establishes mood and reflects the dynamics between two people. He then uses design principles to enhance the scene. He creates a design scaffold and builds the painting.

George discusses the use of metaphor and mystery to draw the viewer into the painting and reinforces the message with mysterious darks and pleasing pattern. You hear George's reasoning for why he places shapes, his use of rhythm and balance, and color harmonies. George takes advantage of Yupo's ability to build rich textures and design flexibility, right up to the conclusion of the painting.

You see him use his techniques of ghosting, burnishing, glazing, and spritzing, finishing with a series of homemade stamps. He uses the alterations and adjustments, always keeping in mind the strength of design and how it supports his message. The resulting variation completes his design and makes each corner of the painting fascinating in its own right.

At the end of George's artistic process, the painting that began with two individuals turns out to be about relationship. You see the delicate balance between design, technique, and content and how George James keeps the flowing creative process strong and vibrant. Join George James in The Artistic Process on Yupo Paper.

George's masterful handling of the media makes it fun to watch and learn. Join National Gold Medal winner, George James as he shares his artistic process and philosophy with you from a painting's concept to completion in the Yupo and watercolor instruction video, "The Artistic Process on Yupo".

Gain insight and skill: What makes a painting an artistic expression / art as communication / creating mystery with darks/design considerations for communicating your personal statement or metaphor into your art / numerous Yupo painting techniques you can apply to your work. This watercolor instruction video teaches much more than just how to get paint on paper or technique. A rare opportunity to learn how an accomplished artist thinks. Take your painting to the next level.


BONUS CLIP: Solving Design Problems with Stamping

In this clip from his video workshop, The Artistic Process on Yupo Paper, watercolor painter George James stamps with a plastic grid to create pattern in a quiet section of a painting. He uses his paint and a foam roller to evenly apply this subtle effect.


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Best of its kind!

I have seen half a dozen dvds on yupo paper painting and this one is the best! Mr James is an excellent artist and speaker.. the dvd is filled with lots of techniques to use on this special paper and creative ideas flow onto the painting. Worth watching over and over again as I always discover a new method to use in transferring my ideas onto the yupo.