Pat Fiorello

Pat Fiorello: Vibrant Flowers-Paint Your Garden!

Video Length: 4 Hours


Discover How To Create Pro-Level Paintings FAST With Pat Fiorello’s Groundbreaking “T.C.U. Method”!

New artists are turning into professionals at lightning speed with the “T.C.U. Method.” Award-winning artist reveals how her simple method can boost the vibrancy and glow of your floral paintings… while aiding you to be more loose and expressive. 

This video is an in-depth walkthrough on how to paint beautiful floral paintings that are full of color, sunlight, and expressive brushwork with fun and ease using the “T.C.U. Method.”

Pat will teach you a very specific method on how to achieve vibrant, clean colors and a luminous glow - and how to capture the beauty and essence of flowers effectively. She’s sharing how to depict dramatic light and shadow to make your floral paintings stand out.

Last but not least, you’ll discover how this unique method can help you keep a loose & fresh attitude with your approach, instead of getting hung up with every last detail.

If you want to go from new artist to “pro” in just a matter of weeks, consider learning this method to fast-track your journey.


Inside this video, you’ll discover lessons like:

  • A deep-dive into Pat’s “T.C.U. Method”
  • Expressive brushwork
  • Value sketches/composition
  • Warm and cool colors, intense and neutral colors
  • Mixing natural greens
  • …and so much more!


This video is a must-have especially if:

  • You love flowers but you’re intimidated to paint them…
  • You tend to paint flowers by capturing every single detail, or you struggle with keeping colors vibrant…
  • You realized your traditional approach to painting landscapes doesn’t apply to floral subjects, and you’re unsure what to do…
  • You want to have a better understanding of light, shadow, and color temperature when painting outdoor/sunlit scenes…
  • You want an approach that helps you loosen up your painting style…


Here’s a small taste of what’s inside“Vibrant Flowers: Paint Your Garden!”:

  • A deep-dive into Pat Fiorello’s ingenious shortcut called the “T.C.U. Method”...
  • Discover simple strategies to enhance your floral paintings almost instantly
  • How to stop listening to negative voices in your head and free your brushstrokes…
  • How to add “mystery” to your paintings…
  • Discover the easiest way to achieve vibrant clean colors and a luminous glow…
  • How to depict dramatic light and shadow…
  • How to avoid muddy, dull colors and never paint them again…
  • How to increase the strength of your paintings and the odds of a successful outcome…
  • Discussion about the importance of values and composition…
  • How to LET GO of perfectionism and rediscover the fun and joy of painting…
  • How to STOP “copying” what you see and use your artistic license…
  • Discover Pat Fiorello’s “All you can eat buffet” palette…
  • PLUS: Secrets of the Mind - the mindshift you need to make to skyrocket your growth as an artist (no matter your level of experience, do not miss this lesson)
  • and so many more incredible insights!


Meet Your New Instructor, Pat Fiorello!

When it comes to teaching, her students call her “a natural.”

Thanks to her education and experience as a business owner for the past 20 years, her communication is clear and easy to understand, making learning a pleasure.

That in itself is rare, but what makes Pat even more special is that she’s very encouraging and often leaves the students empowered, inspired, and excited to paint.

If you’ve never experienced an instructor like Pat, you’re in for a treat. Because not only will learning become easy, painting will become so much fun!

Pat is an award-winning artist, and her work has been featured in over 20 one-woman shows and included in over 85 juried exhibitions. In fact, she’s led 18 international workshops in Italy, Spain, New Zealand, and France, including private workshops at Monet’s Gardens in Giverny. 

With that much experience, you can bet learning from Pat will improve your flower-painting skills quickly. This video will reveal the magic behind her masterpieces, cutting your learning curve to help you get results faster.

You’re going to discover how she creates paintings that energize and lift collectors above the stressful demands of everyday life - a skill that will make viewers love your work.

Many artists and collectors describe Pat’s art as vibrant, impressionistic, alive and energetic. If you study her art even closer, you’ll notice they have a softness to them, and that they’re uplifting and inspiring.

Now if you want your art to be like that, then this is one video you don’t want to miss!



  • Introduction
  • Materials & Tools
  • The “T.C.U. Method”
  • Stage 1: Block in Transparent Color
  • Stage 2: Build Form
  • The Details



  • Bonus lesson: Mixing Natural Greens
  • High Speed View for your convenience
  • Exhibit of Works for your creative inspiration
  • Insights from the Artist to motivate and push you further



  • “T.C.U. Method” Summary Sheet
  • Opaque VS. Transparent Color Summary Sheet


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nancy Emmerich
Pat Fiorello: Vibrant Flowers-Paint Your Garden!

Wonderful video, stuffed full of great information. I've watched it more than once and see something new each time. It's so great a value. Just delightful, thankyou??

Alisann Smookler
Excellent instructor

Pat has a style of teaching that makes it easy to understand. I always learn something new from her.

Vibrant Colors - Paint Your Garden

I just downloaded your new video and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. First I did exactly what you suggested we do, watch the entire demonstration first and not paint along.
I have followed you for several years and really love your work. I love realism, but making it my goal to paint more loosely and with more fun. And your video does that for me.
What I appreciate most is that you give the viewer all the information we need to develop the technique-from value study, paints, brushes, what you are mixing at the time, how you change the composition to make it better and the list goes on.
You are truly an excellent teacher. And at 73 I have had a lot! :)
Art is my passion and a healing modality for me. It keeps me alive and putting one step in front of the other.

Excellent Instructional Methodology

Let me begin by saying I have an advanced degree in and years of experience in Instructional Design so I know a little about what makes an optimal learning situation. I have, probably like you, watched thousands of hours in painting instruction and spent thousands of dollars on them. So what would I want to know before I decide to spend another $140 on another video? Pat structures the lesson in a very logical manner with lots of basics before putting brush to canvas and includes information that is valuable whether you have been at this for a month or several decades. She includes handouts for easy reference. She teaches by tying the concept into an already familiar process, like warming tea (scaffolding). She not only demonstrates her process but explains WHY so I can transfer the concept to other painting efforts (I find this lacking in many videos).
I did read the existing review before I purchased and there was one that made me pause before adding this video to my cart. It read something to the effect that the cameramen did a poor job in the final details portion of the video. I disagree. Pat is working on about a 12x12 canvas. Short of having her wear a body cam it would be impossible for her to make some of the detailed stroke from such a distance that she would not BRIEFLY be between the surface and the camera. As usual, the taping is done in very high quality - please do not let that review cause a second thought if you are considering purchase.
Highly recommend!

Erika from Colorado
Pat Fiorello Vibrant Flowers

Amazing!! Exactly what I needed. I have recently converted to oils after having worked with acrylics forever. Just got tired of dealing with dry paint. I found the materials section particularly helpful. Would never ever have laid out paints like that for acrylics because everything would be dry in a matter of minutes.... even with slow drying mediums.... Yes yes, I know about the wet palette thing - I just had to get my brain around the way to lay out a palette. I was confused about preserving the white- because I never considered using transparent oils to preserve the vibrance up front - I just did what I saw an youtube which was tone the whole canvas first - and my stuff came out so dingy looking. I consider myself an experienced artist and Pat's video was fantastic.