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Kevin Macpherson: The Magic Grid - Landscapes


Video Length: 5 Hours 16 Minutes
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Artist Kevin Macpherson is about to change the way you paint — and see — forever! And the best part … your paintings are going to improve.

The first in a new series of videos from Kevin, this video is going to immerse you in Kevin’s Magic Grid system so your painting life can become easier and more fun. With over 40 years of painting experience and as the author of four art books and several art instruction videos, Kevin is here to guide you through his painting process and take your art to the next level. 

Find Painting Freedom — and Fun!

A master instructor, Kevin has an innate ability to simplify the painting process, and teach this process to the student. In this video he delivers a unique approach to teaching and learning how to paint using his Magic Grid method. With jokes along the way that go deeper than a belly laugh, Kevin’s humor is designed to teach lessons — you’ll find many an aha moment after a short chuckle!

Starting with a review of the fundamental elements of painting, Kevin then takes a dip into the benefits of the Magic Grid as he shares several of his paintings to reveal the structures underneath that contribute to the strength of each award-winning work of art.

From there he jumps into a series of exercises that will help you understand how to use and create your own Magic Grid. You’ll find the Magic Grid will simplify painting for you, making you aware of your strengths and weaknesses and making the whole process of painting so much easier, giving you freedom to go where you want with your art. “Think of the grid like a road trip,” Kevin says. “The smaller intersections you create on this grid are like interesting stops along the way to the final main destination. In this way, we engage the viewer throughout the canvas and lead them to the main point of interest.” 

And, as an almost-two-for-one bonus, once you’ve learned how the Magic Grid works, you’ll follow Kevin outdoors to put the grid to use as you paint a figure in the landscape from life. Get ready to spend a pleasant day painting by the pond.

In this video you will:

  • Manipulate and transform what you see to make better paintings 
  • Achieve more painterly results with tips to avoid the often-overused technique of blending
  • Learn techniques to think abstractly for more realistic results than found with “thing thinking” 
  • Make your painting appear three-dimensional with two-dimensional painting solutions 
  • Use brushwork, color, shapes, edges, and value to add interest and guide the viewer 
  • Learn how to paint a figure in the landscape, step by step 


Kevin Macpherson is recognized as one of America's most accomplished impressionistic plein air painters. His discipline and dedication have earned him critical success and numerous awards for his artwork. Kevin is a member of many top organizations and has frequently been recognized for his accomplishments and influence; he is a Master Signature member of Oil Painters of America; Master, American Impressionist Society; Master, California Art Club; a member of the Salmagundi Club; and founding member and first president of Plein Air Painters of America.

This video includes:

  • Start-to-finish demonstration painting in oil of a figure in the landscape, step by step.
  • Fan favorite! High-Speed View of demo painting
  • Inspiring paintings by the artist, set to music
  • Insights from the artist
  • And more!


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Janelle Albertson
Love this!!

The grid technique has truly improved my work! It was clearly explained, and illustrated. Am thrilled with my purchase!!!

Tam Dl
Love his teaching style

My only suggestion is that given that the grids do not need to be/should not be designed or selected for particular subjects, and one could conceptually just use one grid for everything, more or less. That is the magic. Why not provide 10 as drawn by Kevin, rather than going through all the process behind them. It does mater that one gets a decent grid, how one gets there is really not connected to how they are used. It is a bit like canvases, you need a good one, you don't need a cotton mill.

Alma Sanbern
The Magic Grid

Both videos were crammed full of helpful information and stimulation.

Lise Cardinal
The Magic Grid is fantastic ðŸ‘

This video is so awesome! One of the best! And a great instructor! Really love this ðŸ‘

Margaret Myers
The Magic Grid

This was a fascinating art video. I am anxious to try the Magic Grid. It will keep colors cleaner and encourage the artist to break up colors in the painting, ultimately making it more interesting. It also pushes the artist to control the viewer's eye by adding lines for direction. I can't wait to listen to it again. Thanks, Kevin!