Cindy Baron

Cindy Baron: Elegant Landscapes


Video Length: 7 Hours
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Like you, Cindy is a lover of landscapes. She has known her entire life that she wanted to capture the stunning beauty of landscapes on canvas.

That is all she's ever wanted to do.

She's traveled all over the world. 

Currently living in Rhode Island, she's proud of her state. “It's a small state, but it's packed with some of the best coastlines to paint. They’re beautiful,” she says.

Plus, several months out of each year she gets to reside in Monterey, California, and paint some of the grandest landscapes a canvas can hold.

Cindy has won some of the top awards for both plein air and studio work. She also teaches workshops domestically and internationally to share her passion for painting.

Now, she has created an outstanding video,Elegant Landscapes, where she shares her secrets with you!

What will you learn?

Exactly how to begin with the end in mind!

Starting with a picture in your mind of the finished painting and then working backwards through a sketch or a photo. You’ll learn how to “see” in a whole new way. And you’ll learn the techniques to transfer it to the canvas to create an unforgettable painting.


About Cindy Baron

From the moment you hit the play button, you’re going to see the obvious genius of Cindy Baron.

A professional artist and instructor for 35 years, Cindy paints in oils, watercolors, and pastels, giving her a broad background and the ability to help artists at every skill level learn and improve.

You’ll benefit greatly from techniques Cindy has developed through years of experimenting, practicing, and even crossing over to other mediums … all in her quest to find simpler and more efficient ways to create elegant paintings.

You’ll thrive in Cindy’s casual and informative teaching style, where she breaks down complex methods to make them easier to follow and understand. Her approach is positive and supportive, helping you feel as though a kind friend, who is also an excellent artist, is holding your hand and guiding you through each step.

As Cindy paints, you’ll want to take note of the many useful tips she shares along the way — even when she openly speaks of techniques that failed, paintings that bombed, and how she learned from each experience.

If you enjoy mixing, you’ll become mesmerized when Cindy blends the colors to paint the sky! You’ll want to rewind and watch this soothing and calming segment time and time again. The professional camera work picks up the incredible details and brushwork so you see every bit of shimmery color!

Cindy loves painting the landscape — the grander, the better. A close second to that is Cindy’s passion for teaching others. You’re going to be so grateful to have Cindy on your side as your paintings get better and better!

You know how clouds soften and fray at the edges? I love that part!”
— Cindy Baron

Chapter Outline

Part 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Materials and Tools
  3. Review
  4. Toning
  5. Composition and Design
  6. Compositional Adjustments
  7. Mix Sky Colors
  8. Block in the Sky
  9. Build up the Clouds
  10. Develop and Enhance the Sky

Part 2:

  1. Mix Foreground Colors
  2. Paint the Foreground
  3. Finishing Touches

Bonuses and Extras:

  1. Reference Materials
  2. How Ugly Brushes Can Save the Day
  3. Glazing
  4. High-Speed View
  5. Exhibit of Works
  6. Interview with the artist conducted by Eric Rhoads
  7. Additional Tips

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Debbie Short
Elegant Landscapes

Excellent video. Clear and concise. skills. I did not find this video too long. I think the message is to be patient and persistent. Thank you, Cindy!

Robin Hunter
Great teacher!

I enjoyed painting along the first time but I know I will watch this over and over and take more notes. Thank you, Cindy!

Very helpful video

Some of the best instruction.
I learned some new techniques, some beautiful color mixes, and very much enjoyed how she teaches.

Elizabeth Kellerman
Cindy Baron: Elegant Landscapes

Have watched multiple times and rewatch the most out of all my videos.. She is laid back but very informative and my work has improved with some of her techniqu...

Joe mac

I enjoyed Cindy baron landscapes very beautiful but my complaint is that the tape is too long, seven hours is too much long