William A. Schneider

William A. Schneider: Expressive Oil Portraits


Video Length: 3 Hours 16 Minutes
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Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll discover:

  • Bill’s specific “expressive techniques” that allow you to achieve loose, evocative paintings
  • A “decision framework” that confidently guides you through your painting process 
  • How to control your values for stunning, expressive results
  • Bill’s unique “finish it without ruining it” approach that makes every portrait a success
  • How to accurately lay out your painting with no outlines
  • Simple methods to achieve soft, broken, and lost edges
  • The puddle technique for paint mixing
  • How to develop a painterly conceptual framework
  • How to be accurate without having to be precise — this guarantees convincing portraits without stiffness
  • Learn how to get the right parts in the right places on the first try
  • How to balance broken brushwork with smooth brushstrokes for vibrant results
  • The techniques Bill uses that keep winning him awards
  • And so much more!


Who Is This For?

Expressive Oil Portraits is an art video course for portrait painters who are looking to try a fresh, loose style. Or those who want to learn portrait painting correctly from the very start.

This video will help you tremendously if you are looking to join competitions or want to approach galleries, or if you just want to be proud of your work. 

You’ll be one of the few artists who can actually paint convincing and stunning portraits. Your new skill will really stand out from the crowd and open up new opportunities for you.

You Can Look Forward to Mastering These Techniques…

Portraits are so challenging because there is little wiggle room. If you paint a landscape and a tree doesn’t look 100% like your reference, no one will notice. 

But if you paint someone’s portrait and it doesn’t look like your model, you are in trouble.

What’s more, in portrait painting you can’t change the composition or position of elements.

If you’re painting a landscape and you need to move a tree to achieve a better composition, no problem. 

But if you paint someone’s face, you can’t just move an eye or the nose by an inch. 

That’s why portraits are challenging but also extremely rewarding. It’s also why many artists tense up when attempting portrait painting. They get scared of making mistakes...

So it’s extra important that you have reliable techniques that help you navigate this challenging subject, and help you keep loose and soft effects.


In Expressive Oil Portraits, Bill lays out several techniques that’ll help you create breathtaking, expressive portraits, such as: 

  • Laying out a painting without outlines (achieve an accurate, yet loose and spontaneous look)
  • How the big masters achieve soft, broken, and lost edges
  • The puddle technique for paint mixing (never overmix your paints again!)
  • How to develop a painterly conceptual framework that guides you as you paint
  • How to paint convincing skin tones in light and shadow


What's Exciting About Expressive Oil Portraits With Bill Schneider?

Expressive Oil Portraits teaches you the key to loose paintings. We have cooperated with Bill eight times in the past, and his teaching style is simply fabulous.

Bill is not only extremely knowledgeable and skilled; he is also very funny. That’s why we’re confident you’ll enjoy his art video.

Plus, Bill shares several instructional quotes and tips from Richard Schmid, Scott Burdick, Bill Parks, C.W. Mundy, Harley Brown, and other great artists he knows or has been inspired by — these are worthy of jotting down and tacking up on your studio wall!


Course Outline

Bill has laid out his process across five chapters. Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • How Bill’s “paint as fast as possible” approach didn’t work but led him to discover his unique techniques for loosely painted portraits


Chapter 1

  • What never to do when laying out the face you want to paint
  • Bill’s special “broken stroke” technique for painting heads
  • Learn how to get the right parts in the right place on the first try 


Chapter 2

  • How to create contrast and extremes
  • The one color in your palette that might be defeating all your efforts
  • The KEY to loose paintings


Chapter 3

  • Where to loosen and where to render
  • The crucial method Bill discovered by studying Nicolai Fechin paintings in person
  • “Painting only the things with names”


Chapter 4

  • Why white isn’t always white
  • The 5 Darks that Define the Human Head in normal light
  • How to avoid the “evil painting trolls”


Chapter 5

  • How to add the final MAGICAL STROKE
  • What to do if you find yourself saying, “EWWW, how’d that get there?” 
  • How to see better to paint better


Also included:

  • High Speed View of the demonstration painting (a fan favorite!)
  • Exhibit of Works
  • Insights from the Artist


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sherry R Nelson

This video gives you the methodology to paint loose and boy is it worth it. The main line I hear him say is "if you keep reworking it, the painting gets tighter and tighter. So loosen up and enjoy!! Sherry Nelson

Alan Moody
Change, "As good as a holiday"

I have been painting for a little over 4 yrs and have painted a variety of subjects trying to find what i feel most comfortable with. Am painting with Acrylics. I learnt so much from Bill Schneider's video on composition and color blending (even though he works in oil) that i will certainly try my hand at Portrait painting sometime in the near future

Elyse Taylor
Great explanations!

Bill Schneider did an exceptional job of explaining his method to create loose, expressive portraits. His presentation was thorough with thoughtful examples and explanations all being done with humor and in a relaxed manner. The biggest "ah ha" moment was his explanation of how to hold the brush in order to achieve a looser feel within the painting. Overall, I highly recommend this video to anyone who is struggling to create looser paintings. His tips and suggestions when practiced will hopefully help me to achieve a looser feel for mine.