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Dena Peterson: Portraits Van Gogh Style


Video Length: 3 Hours 35 Minutes
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Here’s just a bit of what Dena Peterson has for you:

  • Get more creative (but without over-the-top risk!)
  • It just takes this ONE thing to generate more excitement in your paintings
  • Loosen up! Paint more freely and be satisfied with your results
  • Explore color like never before (Dena shows you how!)
  • Create paintings that are more enlivened, yet uniquely yours
  • Just how did he do that? (Dena shows you!)
  • Your paintings are probably missing this one thing (but no more!)
  • Avoid THIS and avoid disaster


    Let Vincent Van Gogh Teach You How to Push Your Boundaries

    A couple of years ago, a groundbreaking animated feature film was released that will go down in history as being the first of its kind. It was met with high praise and was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 90th Academy Awards.

    The movie, titled Loving Vincent, is about the life of Vincent van Gogh as told through his paintings. Each of the film’s 65,000 animation frames is an oil painting on canvas, painted using the same techniques Van Gogh used.

    Who in the world created all of these Van Gogh-style paintings for the movie?

    Maybe you’re wondering who could have painted 65,000 Van Gogh-style paintings to make this movie…

    That answer is pretty simple, really.

    Over 120 international, classically trained painters were selected to contribute to the film. They all journeyed from their homes to Poland to create this labor of love as a tribute to the life, art, and struggles of Van Gogh. Many artists were on location for months — sacrificing time from their own lives, families, and work to be part of the Loving Vincent production.

    But here’s the trick ... you can’t have 120 different artists using 120 different styles. Every painting had to look like it was done by Van Gogh. So the artists and producers put their years of knowledge together to develop an exact standard in order to figure it out.

    Now You Can Learn What 120 Artists Discovered
    Dena Peterson is one of the artists chosen to paint for this project, and one of the few Americans. She personally painted over 600 Van Gogh-style paintings. And she discovered something … Van Gogh approached portraits differently than landscapes.

    Her first video about painting Van Gogh-style landscapes became an overnight sensation. Now the next step in your journey…

    Portraits, Van Gogh Style is an instructional video where Dena continues to share her incredible depth of knowledge and skills in painting the Van Gogh way.

    It’s Not About Creating a Copy of Van Gogh. It’s About YOUR Unique Voice.

    “Van Gogh believed that he wanted to paint the colors that he felt rather than the colors that he saw. He said, ‘We’re not human cameras, we’re artists, we’re painters!’” —Dena Peterson


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    Michael S. Rohrbacher
    Paint portraits like Vincent with Dena

    I've watched this video three times already and I'm still looking forwards to the next ! Loved watching her mix her colors! Her Exhibit section is inspiring as well as her participation in the Loving Vincent movie. The reason I didn't go with five stars is because of her use of a photo and traditional grid with an under-painting. She herself says that she's doing a combo of her technique and van Goghs. Thank you for producing this fine video!