Johnnie Liliedahl

Johnnie Liliedahl: Understanding Color

Video Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

You will learn, simply by observation, what a color is by its generic definition and what colors are necessary to mix it. Instructions will be included that will show you how to mix any color you desire. You will never again have to buy browns, greens, or other earth colors.

The included video insert page provides study exercises that, if performed, will make you color-savvy and provide you with an invaluable color reference that you can use for the remainder of your painting career. 

In Europe and in the United States, in the days of the great art academies, students spent an entire semester-long class doing nothing but painting color swatches. Learning every possible color combination, and every possible shade, was so fundamental to art that the masters at the academies dedicated time to focus solely on the importance of color. On this video, you will learn what a color is, and you’ll discover how colors relate to each other. Viewers explore every aspect of color theory and its real world application as Johnnie Liliedahl covers color in great depth.


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