Janie Gildow

Janie Gildow: Colored Pencil Techniques - Glass

Video Length: 1 Hour 34 Minutes
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Capture the look of real glass as you follow Janie's colored pencil tops and demos of a variety of clear and colored glass objects. 

Along the way you'll learn lessons on reflection and distortion, as well as layering, transparency, values, application, and more for success with colored pencil!

This video workshop focuses on achieving the realistic reflections and distortions of glass with colored pencil. Assuming that users know colored pencil basics, this video jumps right into colored pencil techniques for creating both clear and colored glass (a common subject for this medium).

Preview now for important characteristics of glass needed to portray this subject with realism and sparkle, as well as colored pencils tips for creating glass on a white surface, how to transfer line drawings to a dark surface, and easy exercises for portraying colored glass.


Order this must-have workshop today to:

  • Discover easy techniques for creating clear & colored glass
  • Tackle exercises and demos that will enhance your work
  • Learn from nearly 100 minutes of premier art instruction