Eric Rhoads

Eric Rhoads' Art Marketing Boot Camp II

Video Length: 4 Hours 38 Minutes

Branding, social media, internet selling and galleries...

Art Marketing Boot Camp II takes you to the next level, beyond the basics of Art Marketing Boot Camp I.

Branding is critical for any artist, and this video helps you understand the core elements of branding and what you need to do to build your personal brand. Because social media and selling online are so important for artists, we drill down on specific techniques to use both, as well as website design, to enhance your branding and sales. And because most artists are clamoring to be invited into galleries, we help you understand galleries' needs, what gets their attention, and what turns them off. The social media and gallery segments include some surprise guest speakers.

Art publisher B. Eric Rhoads has helped thousands of artists through his art marketing blog, and his readers have been asking him for years to write a book or do a video. In response, Rhoads decided to conduct the first Art Marketing Boot Camp at his company's 1st Annual Plein Air Convention. At the 2nd Annual Plein Air Convention, Rhoads continued the popular, early bird Art Marketing sessions. If you missed the convention or a session, you can now own the DVD and learn how to be a build your brand as a Top Artist in one year. You can learn at your own pace, at home, and pause and replay to your heart's content! Plus, even if you were at the Boot Camp II sessions, there wasn't enough time to cover all the material, so Rhoads went into the studio to enhance the content and record the missing components.


Art marketing expert, Eric Rhoads, drills down into the details in Marketing Boot Camp II, focusing on the specific areas of:

  • How to build a brand
  • How to get into art galleries
  • How to sell artwork online through social media and websites


Rhoads believes that branding is the foundation for all marketing, and that a solid brand will increase awareness, increase prices, and attract buyers and galleries. This video offers valuable insight into what artists can do to become well-known, top-selling brands. Rhoads also offers advice on how to overcome the odds and get into a gallery, including comments from two gallery owners. He'll also provides in-depth tips for marketing online with social media and websites, joined by experts in the area.

Note: If you attended the Art Marketing Boot Camp live at the Plein Air Convention, you know we covered a great deal of material in a short time. You probably couldn't take notes fast enough, and when you return to your notes, you may not remember everything that was said. This video allows you to see it all again to remind you of the hundreds of concepts discussed. Plus, we've added material we didn't have time to cover during the live sessions.

Order today, and build your brand as a Top Artist in one year — or sooner.

Please Note: the material covered in the Art Marketing Boot Camp series is meant to be consumed in a sequence starting with Art Marketing Boot Camp (followed by Art Marketing Boot Camp II, etc.). While the trainings are technically independent of each other, each video explores new information and builds upon concepts covered in earlier Art Marketing Bootcamp videos. For this reason, we recommend that all art marketers start their training with Art Marketing Boot Camp.


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